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[Friday, October 31, 2003]


Seen around campus

Posters bearing the slogan "More humus, less Hamas". It's not that I have any problems assenting to it: more fertile leaf mould rich in nutrients, less fundamentalist terrorism, sure, no problem. But, doesn't it still make you go "What the Hell?" Is it solely for the sake of alliteration and internal rhyme? Or, rather, that "rhyming-but-changing-vowels" thing that Wilfred Owen was into?

Occam's Razor suggests to me (now there's an image: "Billy the Razor says: Hey kids, don't needlessly multiply entities!") that what the creators of the sign really meant was not humus but hummus, which has the additional connection of coming from the same part of the world. Hey, Middle East, they want to say. More tasty food, less death. More tasty chickpea-and-tahini dip with lots and lots of garlic and black pepper. Oh yeah.

A university campus is a rich breeding-ground of loopy slogans, but this one definitely takes the baklava, at least for this year, by dint of sheer incongruity and head-scratching-inducing. Who knows what the Spartacist Youth League or the Objectivist Club will produce in the New Year?

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