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[Tuesday, October 21, 2003]


Black Deathski Vodka for Kimberly Stalin Robots: I wax yet more inconsequential

Further imperiling whatever reputation I may have (ha ha) as a Deep Thinker of some sort, all I have to present today is the results of using two Web toys.

Firstly, idly Googling for one of my favourite not-quite-words, "deathski". Though Google helpfully suggests "Did you mean death ski?", I don't; I mean 'deathski' as in 'brewski', only with death. Three results:

Secondly, running this page through The Eater of Meaning. Best results:

  • Cosma Shalizi becomes "Cosmopolitan Shameful".

  • Homestar Runner becomes "Homemade Runnymede". I'm keeping that one.

  • Bad Subjects becomes Badger Substitute (badger badger badger badger)

  • The Journal of Mundane Behaviour, the Jousting of Municipality Beheading

  • "So long, Johnny Cash" becomes "So lonelier, Johanson Casuals."

  • Kim Stanley Robinson, mentioned ad nauseam, gets several snappy aliases: Kimball Standpoint Robin, Kimono Statuesquely Robust, and, best of all, Kimberly Stalin Robots.

  • Hominids by Robert J. Sawyer - Homogeneousness by Robinsonville J. Sawfish.

  • "Mucilage morphisms". I don't even know what that was originally, and am not checking because it's too good as it is.
  • "Nonorthogonality culprit!"

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