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[Tuesday, October 14, 2003]


"On the Fourteenth of October / very early in the morning.."

On this day, Canadians who were teenagers in the 80s recall the day when the dislocated body of Elisabeth Dumoutier was found, in the oddly popular song by The Box. I don't know whether the song even describes an actual event; probably not. But it was odd and great: the story told in a singsong recitative, interspersed with bits of dialogue in French and a repetitive but catchy chorus, suddenly terminated with the bang of a gavel and the verdict "Non culpable! Par cause d'alienation mentale."

Fond memories. The Box were the first band I ever heard live, at the Western Fair in London. (The same place -- probably the same stage -- where Johnny Cash proposed to June Carter.)

Oh, and somehow I am immensely cheered by hearing Patrick Moore play the xylophone. That's an affectionate sendup, but as the bio notes, he really is quite a good xylophonist by all accounts. How great is that?

Sleeping now; have head cold, dentist in the early AM, bleah. Blatherings about Augustine forthcoming soon, I hope.

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