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[Thursday, August 21, 2003]


Best. Panel. Ever.

I'm not sure any of you actually exist, but regular viewers of this space may have noticed in me a certain attachment to the writings of Mr. China Miéville of London, England and Mr. Kim Stanley Robinson of Davis, California. Well, the Worldcon programming features a brief break from a glut of Heinlein and Buffy panels to present "China Miéville and Kim Stanley Robinson In Conversation". In conversation! England's greatest leftie urban fantast and America's greatest leftie scribe of ecological/utopian SF shoot the shit on a Sunday morning, right here in New Torontobuzon! Wow. Who knows what they'll talk about, but they might as well call it "The Revolution Begins Here". At the end, simultaneous text messages to Ken Macleod and Ursula Le Guin will begin the bloodless transatlantic phase change.

And speaking of New Torontobuzon, the spattering outside my window indicates that my much-loved but exasperating city is receiving a much-needed shower of rain. I think I will go stand in it.

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