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[Thursday, August 07, 2003]


Things that made me snort coffee recently

This entry on Baraita:

  • "Found that manuscript -- in section not actually my focus, but manuscript context important (or so grant application says) -- offers litany of usual Names of God cribbed from Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Syriac, French, and quite possibly nursery rhymes. Favorite name: "Ellamay." Am now visualizing God as ingenue from Beverly Hillbillies. Think this is no worse than visualizing God as old man in nightshirt; am quite certain God has better dress sense either way."
  • "In related news, cannot take "Jewry" seriously as collective noun."
I have to quibble slightly, though; I'm not sure 'Jewry' is exactly a collective noun, but rather was constructed as a direct analogy to 'Christendom', which did not exactly denote 'all Christians'; note that it is no longer used, even though there are still plenty of Christians to denote by it. Now that I come to write about it, I'm not sure I can really describe exactly what 'Christendom' used to denote, so I can't say what it (or 'Jewry') is if not a collective noun.

In the style of the Brunching Shuttlecocks, this quiz: "Programming Language Inventor or Serial Killer?". Except with pictures, instead of names, making it difficult. Spoiler and confession: the first image is of Bertrand Meyer, inventor of the Eiffel programming language, whom I immediately pegged as a serial killer even though I saw him give a keynote at ICSE in Portland not three months ago. In my own defence, I was sitting near the back and was not entirely riveted by the talk anyway. An office-mate identified Philip Wadler from the lineup, but Philip Wadler really looks like a programmer anyway, so I was already poised on the button.

Gary Coleman running for Governor of California. "Comedian Gallagher is also gathering signatures," comes the laconic remark about halfway through. Seriously though, it's funny because people of my generation remember Gary Coleman as a little kid saying "What choo talkin' about?", but then surely any number of the people who voted for Reagan had to remember him playing second-fiddle to a lovable chimpanzee, and that was over 20 years ago. Probably we're just jealous because Canadian candidates for high office are by and large bland nonentities.

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