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[Tuesday, July 22, 2003]


The citizens retire from the walls

Fellow Serial Diner Colin Eatock covers -- with some bemusement -- the opening of a true Canadian compromise, Parry Sound's Charles W. Stockey Centre for the Performing Arts/Bobby Orr Hall of Fame. Walk in the door, turn one way for classical music, turn the other for hockey memorabilia.

Café Press continues to allow the masses to sell their own merch, with the predictable results -- tedium periodically interrupted by incredible surprises, like cream of wheat flavoured with Pop Rocks. Some highlights:

  • Everybody's favourite much-sequenced nematode, Caenorhabditis elegans, has its own gift shop. Buy the beer stein! The bumper sticker! The thong! Oh my God, the thong. Bacillus subtilis so far doesn't have its own shop, though I was told some time back that "B. subtilis is closely related to anthrax, and what this means is, every single bacillus, in the United States, has a little dollar bill attached to it."
  • Buy your own OotP spoilers. With great restraint, they are offering neither the thong, the lunchbox, nor the wall clock.
  • Jacques de Molay is avenged at the Knights Templar shop. There's a special on the Knights Templar teddy bear in combat fatigues. I am sorely tempted. Aidez-moi, croisadeurs!
  • Wear the immortal words of Socrates here.

The Museum of Techno, so straight-faced you want to run to your collection of histories of electronic music just to double-check. At any rate, I do.

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