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[Saturday, January 25, 2003]


Fake names and other annoyances

Okay, is it just me, or are spammers subscribing to the same Ridiculous Name Service as bad science fiction writers? I just received spam from Susan FlashInsert, who sounds like a social butterfly from a very mathy cyberpunk novel, à la Greg Egan, and Roemen Dowst, who sounds like an antiheroic, vaguely Conradian mercenary - you know, the kind who frequently narrows his eyes, expertly hefts his laser pistol, and delivers cynical commentary on How Things Really Are.

Actually, it occurs to me that providing a Name Service to SF and fantasy writers might actually be a revenue stream. Maybe not as lucrative as providing technobabble for SF movies and television, but not bad either. (I don't know if anybody actually makes a living at that, but it sounds as though somebody ought to.)

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